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Best Rocking Chairs and Gliders

Best Rocking Chairs and Gliders

Last updated: 12/22/2016

Post pregnancy, for many weeks and months, apart from cuddling and joyfully enjoying the small gestures and movements of your little one, will be consumed a great deal around being awake odd night hours feeding your little one, then quickly trying to get some sleep -- and at other times a lot of shushing, singing and reading to your baby. While sure you could do this on your own bed but at times you'll need a comfortable seat where you can relax and continue bottle feeding, cuddling, nursing and snugging or rocking your baby — for some considered a nursery is a must have. 

A comfortable Rocking chair or a Glider could definitely help you with nursing, cuddling or rocking your baby and make the experience less stressful and more relaxing. Moreover, this would also make most babies easily pacify and calm them down. You definitely need something that is comfortable enough for those hours of endless crying. So follow our guide to getting the best recliner without breaking your bank.

Rocking chairs are not something that comes as a packaged deal, and therefore you want to be sure to purchase one that fits your needs and also one that you can enjoy and relax and treasure the fortunate moments of joy with your adorable little one. Here are some chairs we love.

Different types of Rocking/Gliding Chairs

When you are choosing, there are 2 styles of chairs to pick. One is the wooden type of the chair and the other is the upholstered. When you are buying a wooden Glider, you can get all the features or none of it.

Wooden Gliders

Wooden GliderWooden Glider Wooden chairs come in variety of colors, and are made of many different kind os woods, and several choices of fabrics one could select from based on their taste or to match the decor. They come with a lot of extra features. One could either purchase a more basic one or one with loads of extra features. Essentially — at the onset — it starts out with a simple 'glide'. An extra upgrade is a mechanism you can find either on the right-hand side or the left-hand side called a lock, which has a multi-position handle. By simply locking it into position, one can stop the motion of the chair. One could lock it into several positions along the steps depending ones comfortability, or for a total pitch, one could lock it all the way back. This feature is even more beneficial if one is bottle feeding breastfeeding the baby in the chair, so it does not move and is in still position. The locking feature has other benefits too. For example, when one tries to out of the chair with the baby in one's arms or chest, sometimes the chair might run from them. So this is a pretty nice feature where one could lock it in position and then get in or out of the chair easily and safely.

The next feature one could add to their glider is the ability to recline. Reclining, a mechanism present on side of the chair, is designed so that one could release the stiffness of the chair and have the back recline backward. Turning the handle forward, creates a resistance on the back of the chair, with which it could actually be locked in different positions if one wanted it to be reclined partially instead of fully reclined; also by simply releasing this lever one could in-fact recline the chair fully back to its end position, so that one could get the complete reclining on the chair.

One thing to keep in mid is that both the Ottoman and the glider move and if one intends to be  breastfeeding or bottle feeding in the chair, our recommendation is to buy an optional piece known as  the feeding slope. A feeding slope is nothing but a pull-out stool slides out underneath and it's made to help shorter people ability to elevate their knees up and give a platform for their feet. It helps provide more comfort and reduce stress on the back. Moreover, the feeding slope also makes one feel safe and feeling as if they were sliding out of the chair. 

Upholstered Gliders

Upholstered GliderUpholstered Glider The upholstered chairs are completely upholstered, meaning they are fully covered with a soft, padded covering all around and they have an appearance of a regular chair which is liked by a lot. Although an upholstered glider looks like a regular chair, it too has the locking mechanism as seen in Wooden Gliders. The mechanism ensured that the chair is locked in the position or in order to use like a glider walker, one could work through release. This way one could use it within the nursery. It can also be put in the master bedroom or in the recreation room. You can also take the mechanism and lock it in place and once you have locked in place you just simply push back on the arms, the foot stool comes out and it reclines back.

One of the major advantages of an upholstered glider over the wooden glider/chair is that it does not take up the space of an Ottoman; it therefore occupies less space in your baby's nursery room or even when placed in the master bedroom. Upholstered Gilders are indeed an attractive piece of furniture that not only can be be used in a nursery, but also could be used as a transitional piece in any other room or place else where in the house.


What to Consider while purchasing a Glider or a Rocker

Keep the following tips and basic points in mind while deciding to purchase one.

Location When picking a Glider, the first thing to consider is where you will be putting it in your home. Some people like to put it in the nursery, some like to put it in their master bedroom, or the rec room.

Glider ChairRockers vs. gliders: The key difference between a rocker and a glider is how they move. A Rocker rocks in a curved arc motion; a Glider moves back and forth. Some of the Gliders swivel too!. Be aware that some of the rockers might, if not designed well, trap ones legs underneath. You may not have any such issues with the Gliders. They also mostly offer a smoother glide. A footstool or a matching ottoman is a nice addition – one would definitely love the extra support that could give some nice rest to those tiring legs. Sometimes these ottomans come as part of the chair and other time, you might have to pay extra.

High quality long lasting and durable fabric: Some amount of spit-up and spills are bound to happen when one starts using the chair on a regular basis - however careful one might be - therefore we ought to ensure the upholstery is well prepared to tackle the situation like this. I it doesn't go too awry with the nursery design, go for darker colors as they may most likely camouflage some blemishes or stains. When purchasing a chair keep in mind to look for a fabric that won’t fray or wear out soon and also one that is relatively easy to wash and clean — an added extra would be to get one that is machine wash ready.

Reclining seat: Reclining brings in some bit of extra comfort. It allows one to lean back a bit — really nice to get a quite-n-quick nap! — if you like this feature then go for a glider that comes with the reclining ability.

Back pillows or supportive cushioning: A Rocker or a Glider needs to be really comfortable to sit (and in all honesty — to even sleep sometimes), and therefore a Glider that comes with cushioned back and arms or a seat cushion supported by dense foam or springs really give the nice comfortable feel. In addition a back pillow provides the much-needed support. 

Side pockets: Side pockets (sometimes detachable) bring in extra convenience and some extra storage space. They are really helpful in keeping some of your basic supplies within an easy reach. They also help reduce clutter in your nursery or around the seating area.

Higher headrest: Make sure the headrest is high enough for your height – it will come in really useful during late-night feedings.

Wider seat: Make sure the seat and arm width provide enough space for the Mom and the growing child; A wider seat is particularly beneficial if one is nursing. You should definitely try out several positions before settling on the one or two that brings in the best feel and comfort for you and baby. Even when one is calming the baby, one would wish they have some extra room so as to be able to move around and feel comfortable.

Nursing pillows: The wrap around nursing pillows are really good for ones back and neck; it helps one position baby in the perfect spot for breast feeding or bottle feeding.

Locking mechanism: A locking mechanism prevents the chair from moving when one locks it in position. This really comes in beneficial when one is trying to quietly raise the baby in sleep. This feature is even more beneficial when one is bottle feeding or breastfeeding the baby in the chair, as this prevents the chair from moving and keeps it in still position.

Go out and try out some: What better way to decide which rocker or glider works best for you and is the most comfortable is to physically sit on one and try them out. Ask yourself if the chair feels comfortable. Does it provides the extra support you need? Does it provide the comfortable head rest for your height? Is it easy to get in and get out? Does it need an Ottoman? How about the fabric; touch it and feel for it. Check for if you need the sliding, reclining or swiveling features. Also make sure if you hear any squeaking noise. The gliding motion should be smooth and without any jerk. 

Warranty: Make sure to glance through the number of years the warranty covers — specifically for parts and repair if not the complete exchange. 

2017 Best Rocking Chairs and Gliders


Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman Cushion Set

This "Windsor glider with ottoman" is the ultimate piece of furniture to give the finish touch to your nursery. It comes with an enclosed metal bearings which helps provide smooth gliding motion. 

Quality: Windsor Glider feels very comfortable and cozy along with being sturdy; the back supports well for  even up to 6'1'' tall moms. Moreover, the chair glides smoothly and quietly, with no squeaks. Its elegant design gives it an expensive feel.  Storage pockets brings in added convenience. 

Comfort: It has a ample seating room with padded arms. The pockets on the sides are great for extra storage and can easily manage a book or two. The chair is very comfortable and quite. You will also love the fabric pattern.

Assembly: It is quite easy to assemble as well — only three parts to put together with provided nuts, back rest and two arm rests. 

Some of the key design features are:

  • Removable chair cushions for easy spot cleaning.
  • Generous seating room with padded arms and storage pockets
  • Enclosed metal bearings for smooth gliding motion

Overall Ratings:

Where to get it?
Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman Cushion Set by Amazon

Key Features

1 Manufacturer Longwood Forest Products, Inc.
2 Brand Angel Line
3 Weight 48 pounds
4 Color Black/Beige, Cherry/Beige, Espresso/Beige, Espresso/Chocolate, White/Green Chevron, White/Navy Chevron, White/Beige, White/Blue Cushion, White/Gray and White/Pink
5 Fabric Cotton and polyester combination
6 Product Dimensions 24.8 x 25.8 x 39.5 inches
7 Functional positions Glide

Baby Relax Mikayla Upholstered Swivel Gliding Recliner

The Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner is one of the most comfortable and relaxing Glider found in our tests. It has most of the standard features, including the feature that allows one to fully recline the chair for a nice sleep like posture and comfort. The lever is conveniently placed, putting one in complete control over the chair's movements. In addition it also uses what they call 'an enclosed ball bearing mechanism', which allows for both a rotating swivel function along with a smooth gliding motion, giving one a full range of movement and convenience.The Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner comes in a variety of colors -- preferable ones are dark and light Gray and Mocha. Also the fabric options available are - microfiber and Linen. The microfiber Recliner is about $30 more expensive than the Linen option. 

With beautiful touches such as the contrasting white welt details, the button tufting, and the supportive spring core foam filled seat, The Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner will be a great addition to your nursery room.

Some of the key design features are:

  • Upholstery looks vibrant and luxurious and is really easy to clean.
  • The white welt trim that goes all around the shape of the recliner giving it a modish and aesthetic appeal.
  • Side arms are comfortable and well designed to allow one to nicely rest their arms
  • White button tufting on the back rest add the perfect finishing touch.


Overall Ratings:

Where to get it?

Key Features

1 Manufacturer Dorel Home Furnishings
2 Brand Baby Relax
3 Weight 90 pounds
4 Color Gray Linen, Gray Microfiber and Mocha Microfiber
5 Fabric Linen and Microfiber
6 Product Dimensions 37 x 30 x 41.8 inches
7 Functional positions Swivel, Glide, and Recline

Naomi Home Brisbane Glider & Ottoman Set with Cushion

Although relatively very less expensive, and yet, the Glider is of exceptionally higher in quality and is remarkably comfortable. Glide your way to relaxation and serenity with the Naomi Home Brisbane Glider Ottoman Set This beautiful glider and ottoman set is classically designed to be a perfect fit in the nursery and to transition to the living room or den as your child grows Enjoy putting up your feet on the matching ottoman to read while watching your little one sleep or during bed time stories The smooth gliding motion helps you and baby unwind during those late night feedings or fussy bed times The beautiful glider and ottoman set offers plenty of comfort with its generous seating room and padded arms Sure to be a favorite this ideal glider and ottoman combination will add comfort and style to any room Enjoy the best with the inviting cushions and incredibly smooth rocking motion of this Naomi Home Brisbane Glider Ottoman Set.

There is also space provided on the sides that are good for keeping all kinds of miscellaneous baby stuff like the baby bottles, some toys or even some books if you might want. Nice to organize and remove some clutter around the chair. At the price point, job really well done!

Quality: At the price point - the product material seems of relatively very high standards. May not last for ever but will do the job of raising your kid and survive the nursery days for sure - it may even move with you to living room or den if maintained properly. The fabric is easy to clean and foam quality and comfort is long lasting. 

Comfort: Very smooth gliding motion without any squeaks or any other noise. Fabric is soft and linen soothing in color. The seat is filled with Polyurethane Foam and also has spring beneath - providing extra comfort for prolonged seating.

Assembly: Quite easy to assemble. Instructions provided and easy to follow. Must not take more than an hour for even a non-professional to assemble.

Special Instructions: Seat may not be too deep for a big person. So be wary of that. For mothers 5' 8" or less it would be definitely OK.

Overall Ratings:

Where to get it?

Key Features

1 Manufacturer Naomi Home
2 Brand Naomi Home
3 Weight 38 pounds
4 Color Black/Gray Chevron, Cream/White, Espresso/Cream, White/Dark Gray, White/Gray and White/Gray Chevron
5 Fabric 100% polyester filled with Polyurethane Foam
6 Product Dimensions 31 x 23 x 20.5 inches
7 Functional positions Glide

Harmony Kids Round Back Glider

Harmony Kids Round Back Glider Glider comes with twofold cushion layer which provides added comfort. Soft yet firm, these poly-filled cushions are excellent for extra support along with peaceful unwinding. They work really well for feeding or nursing the baby. Excellent for relaxation and also very comfortable with the baby or a short nap. The glider glides, rocks and swivels.

The matching Ottoman that you can purchase independently, provides extra comfort and it glides separately as well. The fabric is soft and soothing. The textured chenille fabric gives the glider a plush, and a fuzzy look, which goes really well with a general soft and nourishing feel of your nursery. You could easily clean the chenille fabric with mild soap and water. The bottom and back seat cushions are removable as well as the slip-cover is detachable. This makes it really easy to clean and take care of. You could as well purchase the matching toy box that comes as a compliment to the glider.

You might in rare occasions hear mild squeak after several months of regular use. Sometimes, rarely not occasionally, the seat might slide out from the bottom so might need some support or push back while sitting.

Some of the key design features are:

  • Slip-covered cushions that are easy to remove and take care of
  • 5 years manufacturer warranty - but be vary there might be shipping charges. Also the upholstery may not be covered, only frame etc might be covered.
  • Fabric is made of soft polyester fabric which is easy to clean with just mild soap and water
  • Made in USA

Overall Ratings:

Where to get it?

Key Features

1 Manufacturer Newco International
2 Brand Harmony Kids
3 Weight 34.8 pounds
4 Color Sage Chenille, Ivory Chenille and Tan Chenille
5 Fabric Soft Polyester
6 Product Dimensions 35.5 x 33 x 67 inches
7 Functional positions Glide, Swivel and Rock

Dorel Asia The Sydney Nursery Microfiber Swivel Glider Chair

This Dorel Asia Sydney Nursery Microfiber Swivel Glider Chair is a very comfortable glider that both the Mama and the baby will surely enjoy. In addition to providing a smooth rotating swivel, definitely suitable for a multitude of motion span, without troubling one of getting up to access nearby necessities, it also provides a really smooth gliding motion as well, allowing one to effortlessly and enjoyably calm down their child to sleep and themselves as well! To offer some extra comfort when needed, the Baby Relax Sydney Swivel Glider comes along with a matching lumbar pillow.

The upholstery is made of soft microfiber, which is easy to take care of and the two-toned welt nicely detail the contour of the chair. Most of the color options provided are gender neutral so good to gift even when the baby is not yet born and gender is sometimes unknown as yet. The colors allow for blending with variety of nursery themes as well. 

Some of the key design features are:

  • Dual function glider with rotating swivel function and smooth gliding motion
  • Gender neutral color tones.
  • Swivel glider chair has thickly padded seat cushions and lumbar support
  • Beautiful two-tone welting that highlights the glider's shape

With a thickly padded seat, back, and armrests and with its sturdy construction, this swivel glider will last through your child's first years and well into the future. One could as well purchase a matching Baby Relax Sydney Storage Ottoman for extra comfort and safety. 

Overall Ratings:

Where to get it?

Key Features

1 Manufacturer DOREL ASIA - DROPSHIP
2 Brand Dorel Asia
3 Weight 68.2 pounds
4 Color Dark Taupe, Brown, Grey and Beige
5 Fabric Microfiber
6 Product Dimensions 36 x 29.2 x 35 inches
7 Functional positions Glide, Swivel

Delta Children Upholstered Glider

Delta Children Upholstered Glider looks smooth and polished, along with being soft and comfortable. The glider is upholstered with fine easy to clean fabric and also comes with a supportive back, and padded armrests for extra support and comfort. It is made up of durable wood frame which looks pretty sturdy and durable. 

Quality: The fabric is soft and durable. In the back side edge of the Glider, there is a full length zipper, which makes the cover comes off the cushion. This makes the fabric easy to wash and clean making it more durable.

Comfort: It swivels 360 degrees, making it really comfortable to grab things from the sides or watch TV in a corner. 

Assembly: It gets shipped with just 4-5 pieces, the seat back, the seat base, the cushion, the hardware, and the Allen Wrench and is so very easy to assemble. Will not take more than 15 minutes to have it assembled and ready to rock!

Overall Ratings:

Where to get it?

Key Features

1 Manufacturer Delta Children
2 Brand Delta Children
3 Weight 71 pounds
4 Color Heather Grey, Sand and Taupe
5 Fabric Soft Polyester
6 Product Dimensions 30.2 x 32.5 x 35.8 inches
7 Functional positions Glide and Swivel

Shermag Alexis Glider Rocker & Ottoman Combo

The Shermag Alexis glider rocker and Ottoman combo is a good quality Glider with lots of features and added value. It is specially designed for nursing and comes with with a thickly padded foam seat cushion. These cushions are removable so makes it easy to wash and clean. It also comes with armrest and a footrest, this is really helpful when you want to relax in total comfort. In addition the cushions are upholstered in stain-resistant microfiber for extra softness and easy washability.

This Shermag Alexis Glider Rocker & Ottoman Combo is made of hardwood with a lacquered espresso finish that would compliment many nursery décor.

Overall the Glider is pretty comfortable, quite and smooth.

Overall Ratings:

Where to get it?

Key Features

1 Manufacturer Shermag
2 Brand Shermag
3 Weight 48 pounds
4 Color White/Pink and Dark Cherry
5 Fabric Cotton/Polyester
6 Product Dimensions 42.0" H x 30.0" W x 27.0" D
7 Functional positions Glide

DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Bonus Ottoman

The design ergonomics of DaVinci Olive Glider with Ottoman is really exceptional. The gliding motion is incredibly smooth and the glider also provides a complete 360 degree swivel motion. This is especially useful if you wish to grab something from the sides without getting up and down. The DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider is made of soft and durable heathered polyester which is easy to clean and very comfortable. Designed with a high back for head and neck support. Complimenting lumbar support pillow which is included with the Glider is really very nice and offers the extra back support when you need it.

The provided matching Ottoman is really great for extra comfort and incredibly light in weight as well; one could easily push it out of the way with just their feet when trying to get out of the chair, which could definitely be helpful sometimes. If you feel that the seat back is angled or leaned too much back for you, you would have to place a pillow behind your head to make yourself comfortable and relaxing. 

Quality: Made of easy to clean, soft and durable heathered polyester.

Comfort: It has a smooth and gentle gliding and provides a 360 degree swivel motion.

Assembly: It comes preassembled and requires virtually no assembly.

Overall Ratings:

Where to get it?

Key Features

1 Manufacturer DaVinci
2 Brand DaVinci
3 Weight 109 pounds
4 Color Cream and Grey
5 Fabric Heathered polyester
6 Product Dimensions 41 x 29 x 33 inches
7 Functional positions Glide and Swivel